I want to write stories that captivate. I want to challenge the reader and dig into the soul. Most of all, I want to go dark. – S.Crowe

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A Terrifying Psychological Thriller

A crime beyond imagination

North Dakota. A brutal winter. A breast cancer survivor plans a violent crime to help pay for reconstructive surgery, but her life is in great danger for similar women are disappearing into the winds and snow.

State Bureau Agent, Billy Reuben is tasked with finding out why. He is soon on the trail of a sociopathic killer, more dangerous than any he has encountered—a man with a unique and terrifying accomplice.

Broken Hearts. Bleeding Edge

Nevada, 1961: 

Ace pilot, Jack Arnold, is recruited by the CIA Directorate of Science and Technology to test fly the A-13, the Black Angel, the most advanced stealth jet ever built. Alone, on an isolated base, his very sanity will be tested. 

Air Force widow Audrey Shepherd, a high-stakes Vegas blonde, doesn’t want Jack to fly. Theirs is a hot, unhinged love mired by the memory of her dead husband and her many untold secrets. The choices she makes will change everything.

Agent Evan Highland is tasked with protecting Jack from enemies, both foreign and domestic. When the Black Angel takes on a deadly new significance, threatening the safety of all, Highland is forced to take lethal, irreversible action. 

Three lives, one fate. All will be decided in

Eve LaVoy is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police training instructor. A man called Munroe contacts her with important information about her past. She travels to Lompoc California to meet him, but Munroe fails to show.

Lee Maron is a traumatised ex-L.A. vice cop. When Eve LaVoy starts asking questions about a violent assault, Maron sees a connection to a far more brutal crime.

Together, they will journey into an underground world of high-end fetish and devastating pleasures. A world where privacy bears a far higher cost than money, and not everyone who enters survives.

Hard rockin’ Loretta Olsen is paid to babysit dissociative mental patient, Virgil Simos. A terrible secret lies buried in Virgil’s head, one he is desperate to uncover.

Delving into his past, he begins to fall for Loretta, but when Loretta steals three hundred thousand dollars from the Bakken Cartel, she and Virgil are forced to run.

Ageing fixer Avan ‘Avalanche’ Jones is hired to find the Cartel’s money. Avan has as much need of three hundred thousand dollars as anybody else. In his way, Devils Lake police detective Karin Dietz, a woman unable to sleep yet determined to stop what is coming.

As their broken lives converge, Virgil risks his fragile sanity remembering what he was forced to forget. Can he unearth his terrible secret in time, or have the Bakken Cartel already sealed his fate?



Nevada, 1938: Nate Smith leads a gang of reformed ex-cons into possession of a remote mining claim. Nate wants nothing more than a second chance and a fair price, but town kingpin, Martial Po, wants the claim for himself. He will spill blood to get it.

Entering this feud, the Reverend Sparks, a wandering desert preacher, and his young wife. He will dig with the men, but the payment he asks is not dollars. It is the confession of all sins.


Death row cause célèbre, Ricky Ray James is about to die for the brutal murder of twenty-one-year-old call girl, Paula Perez.

For retired cop and cartel fixer, Cesar Huster, one lethal injection is never enough. Haunted by his love for Paula, Cesar will seek to extract a penalty far more terrible than death.

Only one man stands between Cesar Huster and his intoxicating revenge: traumatised death house captain, Clement ‘Left Leg’ Hodge.

Driven by guilt, Hodge will descend into a world of lost love and violent obsession, unearthing a truth darker than any fiction.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Amazing! Kept me hooked til the last page”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Superbly written.”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Great read, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading the other books.”

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